Back to work

Today is my last day of vacation, with 25 days off work. I think it’s the first time that I had such a long time without going to work.

And I disconnected. Apart from checking email to keep tabs on some refunds, I removed Slack and Calendar from my phone. Tomorrow I can think about installing them again, if necessary.

It was a great time. I spent with the family, played games, and walked a lot (in the snow 🤩!). We even had our first snowy Christmas.

Because of COVID-19, most of it was inside. No travel as Poland has way too many cases for me to feel safe about going somewhere. And unable to visit family back in Brazil as flight prices are way too high.

I should do this more often… and in a way, I am already doing as I have flexible days. Back in Brazil, I’d work even holidays because I had double pay on these days. You get used to that. 💸

Tomorrow I get back to the routine. I am happy to be back as I like my work. But I enjoyed this time off made me appreciate taking time to rest.

Pedro Corá @pcora