Untangling my notes situation

These are the apps that I was using until recently:

  1. Bear
  2. Notes.app
  3. Day One
  4. Craft
  5. Evernote
  6. Notion
  7. Drafts

I have notes spread all over these six apps.

  • Mostly on Bear. And newly created things are going to Craft.
  • Evernote has old things, and I have not created anything there for several years, but still, a lot lives there.
  • Notion was heavily used for a two/three months period.
  • Drafts is the new kid on the block, the one that I am trying to see how I can fit. But the one that made me start writing this and focus on organizing things.
  • Notes also have a bunch of old stuff and Day One holds my private journal.

My goals

Streamline this process, remove unnecessary apps and services, and avoid paying more than I have to.

I like Day One. But I am not sure I can justify (paying) an app just for my private notes. All my devices are already protected. It’s expensive just for the sync.

So, I am experimenting using the calendar notes of Craft to journal. I plan to give this a try for a few weeks and then will evaluate if it’s working or not. Then I’ll probably migrate Day One notes inside.

As for the other apps, I am slowly migrating data that I want to keep into Craft then I will close the accounts and cancel subscriptions where I am paying.

That will give me the final result:

  • Craft is the primary app where I store most of my documents and write projects, ideas, etc.
  • Drafts is for some other types of notes, usually shorter and that will not have a long life.

Update 25-12-2021

Decided that I will keep Day One in the basic mode. Without sync, so I don’t need to pay. Especially since I barely use it on the computer anyway. I like some of the features like “On this day”.

Pedro Corá @pcora