Back to Glass, again

Last night I read this post from @Gaby writing about Glass.

I even recently wrote about using Flickr or Glass and later stated that Glass is not for me.

But after never settling on some service and reading his post, I kind of figured that what I am after is a unicorn. Neither Flickr nor Glass properly suits me. Nor any other services out there. Trust me, and I’ve probably seen most of them.

But @Gaby also touched on a point that I liked a lot on Glass:

However, once they added an online web profile it turned into the perfect website for my photos. Yes, there’s no way for a custom domain which would have been ideal, but close enough. I see Glass as the cheapest photo-sharing website I can afford.

It looks gorgeous on computers: profile screenshot

With the fact that thinking about this every week is tiring, I decided to give Glass another chance. For a year, maybe more, maybe until something that suits me more appears on the scene. Until then, you can find my photos on [].

Pedro Corá @pcora