is not for me

After a few days of using the App, I can safely say that I am somewhat disappointed with it.

It’s an excellent idea, but it’s missing too much.

Discoverability is not great, and I struggle to build the following list as I can’t search properly.

What I would love to see on Glass?

  1. Search (by date, tags, camera, text, you get it).
  2. The ability to have albums.
  3. Groups or communities where I can share my photos and participate in discussions.
  4. Tags to better organization.

I don’t want to publish photos and see others in a timeline. I want to discover pictures as I can do on Flickr. Most of the images I see there are from people I don’t follow and probably won’t follow. But I love seeing photos, so I need to be able to find them.


I want to be able to upload 3, 4, 74 photos of my last trip and create an album to show people. I don’t care how that will show in the timeline. There are ways to handle this, such as how Flickr does.

Right now, I am undecided on whether I will keep it or not. I like the public profile, and I could use it for that, as it’s a lovely template, cheaper, and easier to maintain than having a dedicated blog. On the other hand, I could use this site because I can easily make a few tweaks for the images to appear more prominent when you click on them.


Pedro Corá @pcora