Flickr or Glass?

Lately, I seem to be in a constant struggle on where to post my photos. In the past, I’ve tried VSCO, Blot (still current, but will probably cancel the subscription as I don’t use it much, nor do I enjoy the system as I expected I would), and also Instagram, which I’ve explained why Instagram.

I will keep Instagram for the reasons explained in that post. But I also want something else outside the Meta realm.

So I heard about a while ago. But until then, it was a wholly closed-gate community. And this changed with the introduction of public profiles, doing it an exciting service to use. They look lovely, and they look updated and outstanding on desktop and mobile.

Then we have Flickr, the grandpa of photo sharing. But while they have been trying to make it cool again, it has a lot of irks for me. Like, all of a sudden, you are left in a UI that is old and has not changed in several years. Examples are adding images to a group:

Flickr screenshot of groups page

Or the so broken camera finder that still shows the iPhone 6 (I KID YOU NOT) as the most popular camera 😲

Flickr screenshot of Camera Finder

These, among several other aspects, keep me from willing to pay for the service. So this work to improve it seems to be going very, very slowly. I have been following many areas for over a year and waiting for improvements are still the same way.

Also, they suck on mobile. Sorry, I could not find a more gentle way to put it.

After saying all that, I am probably going to try Glass and settle for a while. Maybe paying the annual plan will keep me quiet in one place.

Pedro Corá @pcora