Email Rules

I have been thinking about this for a while. And I have in my mail provider a similar setup that what Hey offers. But it’s cumbersome, rules fail because companies switch their email address and so on.

So, what if instead of screening everything that comes in, I just dump it all on a single mailbox and just add rules for stuff that I want in my inbox (as for those I get a push notification)

This would remove much of the hassle. I don’t need a different folder for receipts, another for newsletters (specially since I don’t like them and never subscribe.

One extra rule I could put in place is to services that I need to keep the message for longer (like some proof of payment, etc). And everything else I can delete frequently.

I need to test and think of more details, but I think it will work and I will have to work less on fine tuning it.

Pedro Corá @pcora