One year of COVID

Yesterday I saved this tweet to keep a record of it.

And I also wanted to write how was my week one year ago.

I had learned about what became to know COVID-19 in January of 2020, on Reddit. I remember seeing the article where the Chinese doctor wrote “SARS?” on some medical exams that started to indicate the new virus.

In late January, while it was still mostly around China, I said to a few colleagues that this thing was going to spread worldwide, just to be called paranoid.

We started the week after a trip to Curitiba to get our Visas for traveling. On Thursday we left our apartment for what would be a 7-day stay at the family house before traveling to Poland — our new home. I was pretty worried that we would not be able to travel as it was starting to become chaotic in Europe. I was not working at my previous company, so I had time to browse Twitter, newspapers, Reddit for news about the virus.

Sunday there was a BBQ at my grandma, our going away party. Almost all family was there. And we said our goodbyes with distance already.

Sunday evening, I knew already that borders were closed and that we would not travel on March 19th.

Sunday, March 15 of 2020 was when we officially started our lockdown. Almost a year from now. On the 2020 retrospective I documented a little, with bullet points how most of the year went. I expect that in my future 2021 retrospective I will be celebrating that COVID-19 is finally a thing of the past. At least in some parts of the world.

Pedro Corá @pcora