Retrospective 2020

I saw this 2020 Retrospective that inspired me to start doing it.

Early December, I was planning to start going through some photos to make a “Photos of 2020” but with COVID-19, many of these are just family photos of private moments that I do not wish to share with the world.

With the new year and the hopes of it being a better one, perhaps there will be enough material for a “Photos of 2021” to be made.


  • M. first birthday. He is growing so fast!
  • Started to tell family and some close friends that we are moving to Poland soon.


  • Anxious about work permit being issued
  • Getting all travel documentation in place.
  • Starting to worry about a disease that was starting to spread outside Asia.


  • Visited Curitiba, Brazil to get visas to Poland
  • Packed all our stuff into 4 giant suitcases plus some carry-ons and backpacks.
  • Got travel canceled due to COVID-19 🥺


  • Started new job working remotely. 🙏
  • Begin with Polish lessons.
  • Only leaving the house to get groceries.


  • Still working remotely.
  • More travel canceled.
  • Finally able to book a flight to Germany and will get to Poland by road.


  • After 14 days of quarantine, we are able to get to know the city a bit.
  • Met with an old friend and his wife and they are super welcoming to us!
  • Got an apartment really close to the office.


  • Still working from home, cases of COVID-19 are really low in our area.
  • We manage to enjoy summer by going to the beach almost every weekend
  • Lost a loved member of the family. 😢


  • Did some BBQ in a park. Our first out of Brazil.
  • Celebrated J. birthday with friends.


  • Still working from home, with no signs of ever going back to the office.
  • Last BBQ of the season as temperatures started to get low.


  • Celebrated my birthday with family and friends.
  • Applied for an EU drivers license.
  • Second wave of COVID-19 gets Poland. We are not leaving the house much again.


  • Started to get cold weather that I had never had in Brazil.
  • Nights are getting longer and longer. Missing the sunlight. Several days are super cloudy.


Lots of firsts:

  • First time getting 7 hours of sunlight per day. It’s nuts!
  • First time seeing snow! It’s amazing!
  • First Christmas away from our parents.
  • First Lockdown
Pedro Corá @pcora