On the latest Apple Event (Sept. 2019)

I sincerely don’t get all the negativity on Apple’s event. It’s not like the event was any different than the past three. Maybe people are starting to get tired and maybe they are not targetting them properly. It’s not a worldwide event, it’s a media event. Still, I like the new iPhones and think that they are still innovating.

And yes, they seem to be more close to a camera that happens to have a phone embedded, but it’s a freaking great camera. And other improvements are still there and make what today seems to be people’s most important computers even better. Lately, with a larger screen, I can confidently say that the iPhone XR is my main computer, with the iPad following it closely.

I also think that Apple knows (they are way smarter than me with that) that people are buying phones less frequently and they are adjusting to that, with other products and with new and interesting services.

Pedro Corá @pcora